Warcraft/WOW/Hearthstone History and Lore Videos

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Warcraft/WOW/Hearthstone History and Lore Videos Empty Warcraft/WOW/Hearthstone History and Lore Videos

Post by Smakx on Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:01 pm

The Warcraft franchise of video games by Blizzard Entertainment has a rich lore presented in stories and cut scenes from the games themselves, as well as in novels, comics, and animations. This history begins with the events in the original RTS Warcraft games and carries into the MMO World of Warcraft, with many of the primary heroes and minions appearing in the battle card game spin-off Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

YouTube poster Nobbel87 has posted a comprehensive series of videos that cover the expanse of the Warcraft lore culled from all of the aforementioned sources. These videos are edited together with thorough narration accompanied by visual aids from the games and other art and media sources. These videos are an interesting watch whether or not you are a fan of the games.

Here is a link to the playlist on YouTube:


Here is the first video in the series. This one clocks in at 42 minutes and summarizes the entire history, while other videos in the series go into more detail about specific events in the timeline:


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