Star Realms Digital - Bases and Battleships Expansion

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Star Realms Digital - Bases and Battleships Expansion Empty Star Realms Digital - Bases and Battleships Expansion

Post by Smakx on Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:36 am

White Wizard Games has begun releasing the Crisis Expansion for the digital version of Star Realms. As with the physical version of the game, the Crisis Expansion consists of four packs of twelve cards, each pack containing three new cards for each of the four factions. The first of the four Crisis expansions has been released for the digital version, Bases and Battleships. The expansion is available as an in app purchase or through the website for $1.99. As with the base Star Realms digital game and the previous Gambit Expansion, once the pack is purchased it is available to you on all platforms for that one time purchase. The digital version of Star Realms is available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS from their respective stores, or from the game's website. A free demo can be downloaded and once the game is purchased for $4.99; cross platform multiplayer, hard ai and additional single player campaigns are unlocked.

Star Realms Home Page:

Star Realms Digital Edition Download:

Here is a video profiling the Bases and Battleships expansion posted by Bower's Game Corner:


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