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Mushihimesama Empty Mushihimesama

Post by Smakx on Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:07 pm

Title: Mushihimesama

Developer: Cave / Degica

Type: Shoot 'em up (Shmup/STG)

Platform(s): Windows (Steam)

# of Players: 1-2 Local

Release Date: Price: $19.99

Mushihimesama (loosely translated "Insect Princess") is a port of a coin-op shmup arcade game originally released by Cave and Taito in 2004. The game is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game with an insect theme and forest environments. Its manic pacing and intricate, sometimes screen-filling bullet patterns qualify it as a member of the "bullet hell" sub-genre of shmups.

Mushihimesama is considered by some schmup fans (including myself) as one of the best games of its type of all-time, produced by the absolute master of the genre, Cave. The version recently ported to Steam is rendered beautifully in HD, with every sprite redrawn and high quality audio. While most games of the ilk adapt a space ship theme, in Mushihimesama the player(s) do battle with massive "Koju" insects. Some of the boss monster battles feature giant insect monsters that fill half of the screen and spew constant streams of intricately woven bullet patterns that fill the entire screen. The player must navigate these bullet fields while keeping up a constant attack on the enemies. What makes this even possible is the tiny four pixel hit box at the center of the player's character, and occasional purposeful slowdown that occurs when up to and in excess of a thousand sprites and bullets are inhabiting the screen. Experienced players develop a rhythm and get into an almost trance like "zone" of destructive bliss that is unique to this style of game. The PC port features the ability for a second co-op player to jump in, a remnant from it's arcade prodigy. The reviews for the PC port have been "Very Positive" in Steam terminology, and one hopes that this leads to eventual ports of more of Cave's uniquely fantastic shmup games.

As previously stated, Cave's games originated as arcade coin-op games, and have been ported to many different console platforms over the years, in addition to being emulated in arcade emulators such as M.A.M.E (the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). For more information about Cave's amazing lineup of games, have a look at The Cave of Shooting fan website for comprehensive histories, story lines, and game guides for all of the companie's amazing titles.

Cave's Official Shmup Site:

Mushihimesama on Steam

A video posted by DrunkNinja of a 1CC (1 credit complete) run on the HD Xbox 360 version (similar to the Steam version):


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