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Post by Smakx on Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:13 pm

Title: Trivia Crack

Developer: Etermax

Type: Trivia Game

Platform(s): iOS / Android / Win10 / Facebook

# of Players: 1-2 Online

Price: Free/Ad-Supported w/ IAPs

Trivia Crack is a two player trivia game available for several devices and platforms that features cross-platform multiplayer. Players can play with Facebook friends, people they have added to the in-app friends list, or random people from the online player pool. The game is free to play and is ad-supported. The ads can be removed by purchasing an in-app purchase for 99 cents, and several other features are also available as in-app purchases such as power ups and extra plays per day.

Trivia Crack is a very easy to play casual asynchronous two player trivia game that has a player base in excess of one hundred million people. The game follows a model similar to the tv gameshow "who wants to be a millionaire" in that a random question category is selected, the player is presented with four possible multiple choice answers, and has the option to use power-ups that are similar to the show's "life lines". These power-ups can be earned through playing as well as purchased from the in-game store as iaps. Each time a game is started, it consumes one of the player's "lives". A player can have three lives at a time, and one life is replenished per hour. If a player desires to start additional games more lives can be purchased from the in-game store. Multiple simultaneous asynchronous games can be played at any time. The aforementioned "power-ups" include; Extra Time: The player is allowed 15 extra seconds in addition to the normal 30 seconds allowed to answer a question, Bomb: Removes two incorrect answers narrowing the players choices to one correct and one incorrect option, Second Chance: Gives the player a second chance if the first answer they selected was wrong, and Skip: Allows the player to skip the question and get another one.

Trivia Crack is a well implemented app that is easy to play and features a wide variety of trivia questions from the six categories of; entertainment, art, sports, history, science and geography ranging from very simple to extremely obscure. Any time a player answers six questions in a row from one of the six categories, they close out that particular category and proceed to answer questions from the remaining open ones. A player continues to answer questions until one is answered incorrectly, with each correct answer constituting a "round". The game continues for 25 rounds, or until one player has closed out all six categories. There is an additional mechanic where a player earns an in game currency that they use to play slot machines for cards, these cards are placed in one of 3 available slots and earn extra lives or power ups for the players on a time basis, such as "1 extra life per 24 hours" as an example. Trivia Crack is a popular casual time waster for anyone who enjoys trivia.

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