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Post by Smakx on Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:45 pm

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In the olden days, if you wanted to play a collectible card game (ccg), you would need to find a store or a place that carried it, a local game group that played it, and would usually be regulated to playing only one as a result of the potentially high price of building and maintaining competitive decks.

These days you can play digital ccgs online for a fraction of the price with people all over the world at any time of day. Most are free to play with in-app purchases that allow dedicated players to get card collections and decks together faster than those who "grind" for free.

As a result of the profit potential from selling digital packs of cards to ccg fans, many digital ccgs have emerged either based on existing physical card games or on whole new designs of their own. Some leverage advantages of the digital format that would not be viable in paper games while others stick to a format that could work in a real world game. The result is a sea of digital ccgs, many of them are quality play experiences, and many of them are shoddy shovelware attempts to ride the wave of dccg popularity and grab some cash from microtransactions (especially the slew of mobile app ccgs).

The Digital CCG Subreddit attempts to differentiate legitimately good/enjoyable digital ccgs from the not so good cheap imitators. This can be a tricky distinction to make of course and is not based as much on personal opinion as it is on other factors such as: The providence of being based on an established physical franchise, established user communities, positive user reviews, and play testing by the subreddit's staff.

The Digital CCG Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/digitalccg/

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