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Castles of Mad King Ludwig Empty Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Post by Smakx on Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:52 pm

Title: Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Developer: Bezier Games / Jeremiah Maher

Type: Digital Board Game

Platform(s): iOS / Android / Amazon App Store

# of Players: 1-4 Local

Price: $6.99

Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a digital adaptation of an original board game designed by Ted Alspach and published by Bézier Games in 2014. The game won the Mensa Mind Games award in 2015 and is in the top 50 board games on The digital version of the game was designed by Jeremiah Maher who is the developer of several digital board game adaptations, including the excellent port of Suburbia for iPad and Android.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a tile laying game where up to four players compete to build the most extravagant castle for King Ludwig of Bavaria. Castle room, hallway, and stair tiles are drafted in a similar way to the trade row in a deck building game, with a different player setting the prices for the tiles each round. Tiles score bonuses or detriments for being placed next to other tiles according to several criteria.

The game contains 75 different room tiles to compete for to build your castle with. A fully interactive tutorial and help system is included to teach new players the basics of game play and how different tile types interact and are scored. Castles of Mad King Ludwig can be played solo versus ai opponents or pass an play with up to four players. The game also features a solo campaign mode, an orchestral soundtrack, achievements, and the ability to share castles on social media. For the best play experience, the developers recommend that the game be played on devices with 5 inch screens or larger.

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