Star Realms Digitial - Crisis Events Expansion Released

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Star Realms Digitial - Crisis Events Expansion Released Empty Star Realms Digitial - Crisis Events Expansion Released

Post by Smakx on Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:19 pm

White Wizard Games have released the second expansion in the Crisis set for the digital version of Star Realms, Events. The expansion is available in-app for $1.99 as a one time purchase after which it can be used in game on all devices that you have Star Realms installed on.

The Events expansion consists of 12 cards that are added to the trade deck. When an event card is drawn from the trade deck it enters the trade row and its effect triggers and is resolved. After the event cards effect is resolved it is immediately replaced by the next card in the trade deck. Event cards have a variety of effects on the game and every card effects all players.

In addition to the 12 new Crisis Events cards, a new campaign has also been added that includes 7 new single player challenge missions. Click Here for more information about the digital release of the Star Realms Crisis Events expansion. For more information about Star Realms, see the original post.

Star Realms Home Page:

Star Realms Digital Edition Download:

Andrea Joki’s primer on Events:


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