Zombie in my Pocket (ZimP) for PC and Android

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Zombie in my Pocket (ZimP) for PC and Android Empty Zombie in my Pocket (ZimP) for PC and Android

Post by Smakx on Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:58 am

Zombie in my Pocket (ZimP) for PC and Android YjFiDxz

Zombie in my Pocket (ZimP) was originally released as a solitaire print and play board game that was awarded a Golden Geek award for 2010 Best Print & Play Board Game by boardgamegeek.com. Digital versions of the the game have been created for Android and PC, as listed below:

Android version ($1.00): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mazzy.and.zimp.android
PC version (free - via boardgamegeek.com): ZimPC_v1.zip (4.08 MB - Win 2k, XP, Vista, and 7)

ZimP is a tile drawing and laying game where you draw a random room, place it and then draw an encounter card. Your goal is to find the room with the evil temple to get the totem, find the dining room to make it outside then find the graveyard to bury the totem. Along the way you will get items that will help you fight zombies, and rest to recover health. The game features a time mechanism that changes which effect you will use on a card, and limits the amount of turns you have to complete the objective. The game plays in a few minutes and is luck based with some resource management strategy.

The digital implementations of ZimP feature decent art and execute the game play well, but are underdeveloped in the flash and flair departments. Despite the lack of polish the game play shines through. The game lacks sound and music which could greatly enhance the atmosphere. The digital versions are solitaire only without the multiplayer options added to later revisions, and the instructions included in the app versions are not the best. Fortunately the video linked below by DeadlyHabit demonstrates the game well using the pc version and can help you decide if it is a game you might like as well as teach you how to play:

I have submitted feedback to the dev of the Android Version and received news that sounds, a tutorial, and more play modes are in the works. These tweaks should really enhance this app, updates to come.


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