Tong by Bruno Cathala free on Google Play

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Tong by Bruno Cathala free on Google Play Empty Tong by Bruno Cathala free on Google Play

Post by Smakx on Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:47 pm

Title: Tong

Developer: Meeple Touch / Bruno Cathala

Type: Digital Board Game

Platform(s): Android (Free!)

# of Players: 1-2 Local (Pass & Play)

Tong is a casual quick-play puzzle game by famed board game designer Bruno Cathala. Originally intended to be a physical board game, the designers decided instead to release it in digital form. The game is free with small ads for other games by the company appearing periodically at the bottom of the screen. Tong features multiple solo modes of play; one an increasingly hard series of puzzles, another a timed mode. Local pass and play "Duel" mode is also supported for two players on the same device. The game has simple mechanics, but requires increasing strategy as the puzzles grow in complexity. The presentation of the app is clean and professional, featuring simple but atmospheric sounds and some nice vibrant art by Camille Chaussy. Like most good casual puzzle games it can be played in quick short sessions. Tong doesn't require a lot of screen space or text, making it ideal for tablets and even smaller phone screens. At the price of free and 11mb of space, the game is definitely worth checking out. Bruno Cathala has a legacy of great game design and this one is no exception. The tutorial teaches you the simple rules and you are ready to go.

Game Description from Google Play:

If you're busy as a bee, if you have butterflies in your stomach or have ants in your pants or if you simply want to stop bugging everyone,
Forget all of this by playing Tong the chameleon

A simple clever and malicious game as Bruno Cathala loves to build them.
Camille Chaussy is at the pencil to bring you beautiful and colorful bugs and graphics.

Google Play Store:

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