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Post by Smakx on Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:10 pm

Title: Heroes of Normandie

Developer: Devil Pig Games

Type: Digital Board Game

Platform(s): Windows

# of Players: 1-2

Price: $29.99

Heroes of Normandie is a digital adaptation of Devil Pig Game's successfully kickstarted tactical turn based war board game. The original board game was released in 2014 and has received many awards as is attested to on the game's boardgamegeek.com entry. The game plays similarly to a turn based miniatures game, only replacing the the miniatures with colorful double-sided tiles. The title has been well received by the war-gaming and hobbyist gaming communities alike, prompting the creation of many expansions in the form of punch-boards of new unit tiles. Some of the expansions adopt a Cthulhu inspired theme, forming the Shadows over Normandie alternate history lore game setting. The digital adaptation of Heroes of Normandie offers several ways to play the game in single player campaigns or skirmishes as well as online multiplayer modes. The main menu also features an editor button that is marked "coming soon" that will provide players with further abilities to create custom game scenarios. The game is currently available for Windows PCs via Steam and a version for Apple iOS is in the works.

The high quality art and components of the original board game are faithfully reproduced in vibrant color. The game has been praised for providing the tactical depth of a miniatures based war game while maintaining accessibility with well marked units and a logical rule set. As a result the game appeals to both war gamers and hobbyist gamers and can serve as a gateway game into other games in the war gaming genre.

Players take turns placing and moving units. Many scenarios are available with varying win condition goals. The game features a wide variety of units with varying stats and capabilities, all well represented as numbers and emblems on the unit tiles themselves. Players must leverage the strengths and weaknesses of individual units, as well as terrain and positioning in order to generate modifiers that will increase their chances of successful dice rolls and mitigate the luck factor. There are several ways of playing the game in either pre-scripted campaigns or in skirmishes using special templates that allow players to create custom armies that are varied, yet equal in overall power. There is an in-game tutorial that teaches the basics as well as a wikipedia of all the units in the game which provides full descriptions as well as additional flavor text and art. The Steam version includes a game manual in pdf format, but it is not as thorough as the original board game rule book which can be downloaded from the Devil Pig website (free sign-up required). The cartoonish campy art and over the top action war movie themes and references are all well presented and come together in a stylistic production. Check out the links and videos below for more information about this title.

Heroes of Normandie on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/365890/

Devil Pig Games Heroes of Normandie Site: http://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/

Slitherine's Heroes of Normandie Site: http://slitherine.com/games/hon_pc

Here is the game's official trailer:

Here is a good review and game play video posted by tokshen:


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