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Post by Smakx on Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:11 pm

Title: Carcassonne

Developer: TheCodingMonkeys / Exozet

Type: Digital Board Game

Platform(s): iOS / Android & Win8/10+

# of Players: 1-5 Local & Online

Price: $9.99 (iOS) / $4.99 (Android)

Carcassonne is a very popular tile based award-winning board game released in 2000. The game has been ported to the two major mobile platforms in digital format by two separate companies. The iOS version was created by TheCodingMonkeys and the Android/Win8/10+ version was made by Exozet. Although both versions are re-creations of the same original board game, there are differences in how the two companies have translated it to the digital format. More specific information is available regarding the individual versions in the prospective online stores and in the user reviews in those stores.

The southern French city of Carcassonne is famous for its unique roman and medieval fortifications. In the game players draw tiles that feature various landscape features on them such as cities, roads, grasslands, etc or some combination of these features. The tiles are layed out adjacent to one another forming the board upon which the game is played. After laying a tile, players can choose to place one of their game pieces representing people (called "meeples") on to a tile. The meeple takes on a specific character type depending on what kind of tile it is placed on, placing a meeple on a cloister makes that meeple a monk for example. Once an area of the board is complete and occupied players are scored on their buildings and meeples. Strategic placements can be used to block opponents from being able to complete certain sets and capitalize on points, or a player can choose to utilize his or her limited tiles and meeples to optimize their own building projects. The game is simple to play yet can lead to some complex interactions that require planning ahead and strategy, hence its popularity as a semi-light hobbyist board game. Additionally several expansions have been created for the original board game that add additional tile types and meeple possibilities, many of which have also been ported over to the digital versions in the form of in-app purchases.

iOS Version:

Android Version:

Windows Store (Win8/10+):


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