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Post by Smakx on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:12 pm

Title: 100% Orange Juice

Developer: Fruitbat Factory

Type: Digital Board Game

Platform(s): Windows PC (Steam)

# of Players: 1-4 Local and Online

Price: $6.99

100% Orange Juice is a multiplayer digital board game featuring an all-star cast of characters from games by Japanese developer Orange Juice (Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, Suguri and Sora, etc...). The game was translated to English, converted to HD graphics, brought to Steam and expanded upon by game localization specialist developers Fruitbat Factory. The game can be played solo versus ai but is best played multiplayer with friends or people from the game's active online player community. This game holds the distinction of being the only Steam game I've ever seen that once had a very active chat room in its default Steam Group that sometimes persists to this day (at the time of this writing). The game also features integrated chat as well as support for voice chat.

A game of 100% Orange Juice begins by players selecting a character from one of several available from the stable of Japanese game developer Orange Juice. Multiple characters are available to begin, with others becoming available as un-locklables and still more as DLC which can be purchased in game or from the Steam store. Each character has unique attack, defense, and evade stats as well as a "special" ultra ability card that is unique to that character. After picking a character, the player is assigned one of the four colors and then picks a few cards from his or her deck of unlocked cards. The cards the players picked, along with a copy of the "special" card for each character in the game are added to a centralized shared deck that all players will draw from.

Players then take turns in typical "roll and move" board game fashion. A character may be moved in either direction the number of spaces rolled on the dice, taking the action of of the square upon which they land (with a few exceptions). Spaces on the boards can have multiple effects like drawing a card, warping to a different spot on the board or rolling for bonus stars. The object is to return to the "base" square you started on with a specific number of stars collected so that you can advance a level. Advancing a level also allows you to use more powerful cards. Along the way several things can happen; like having a card played on you, landing on a trap card set by someone else, landing on a space occupied by another player or npc resulting in combat, and more. The first person to reach star level five wins the game.

While being somewhat difficult to describe in words, the game play is quite simple to learn and gamers of all ages can be up and running in minutes. The game features a tutorial (complete with a nonsensical story) and the ability to play single player vs ai or online with both friends and random people. Although the cutesy Japanese anime theme may not be for everyone, beneath it lies a very entertaining board game with an interesting combination of strategy and luck that features a lot of fun and sometimes brutal/trollish player interaction.

100% Orange Juice Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/282800

100% Orange Juice Page at Fruitbat Factory: http://fruitbatfactory.com/100orange/

100% Orange Juice Official Forum: http://forum.fruitbatfactory.com/viewforum.php?id=10

YouTube poster Grazzar produced a tutorial for beginners video:


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