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Land 6 Board Game Empty Land 6 Board Game

Post by Smakx on Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:19 pm

Title: Land 6 Board Game

Developer: Boardnaut Studios

Type: Digital Board Game

Platform: Android

# of Players: 1

Price: Free (No IAP's)

Land 6 Board Game was originally a web published print and play game designed by Santiago Eximeno and released in 2014. The original game won second place in the best small game category of Boardgamegeek's 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest.

The digital implementation of Land 6 Board Game was created for Android by Boardnaut Studios. The studio has previously ported several other print and play board games to the digital format such as Cheese Chasers and the Maquis Board Game among others.

The app version of the game leverages the advantages of the digital format by including features like a rule book, tutorial, music, multiple difficulty levels and an optional dynamic game board. The game is an area control/influence dice rolling game in which the player is trying to reach and conquer the red city located at the far end of the game board. The app was created with the permission of the original game designer and graphic artist and is free to download and play with no advertisements or in-app purchases.

Here is a description of the game taken from it's Google Playstore entry:

You are The Lord of the Dice, in eternal battle against The Lord of the Cubes, fighting for the world known as Land 6. To defeat him you must conquer his city with one of your armies, and you must do it... with just six dice!

Land 6 is a solitaire board game where dice are not just rolled. You use dice to represent your armies in different regions around Land 6. Each of 4 regions allows you to perform special action by decreasing value of your die. These actions are for example deploy a new army, move an army, and attack the Lord of the Cubes. Your goal is to place one of your armies with a value of at least 3 in the home region of the Lord of the Cubes.

Android version on the Google Playstore:

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