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Post by Smakx on Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:22 pm

In my research into the emerging niche sub-genres of digital card games and digital board games, I have found a few YouTube channels and web sites that have proven to be great resources. These channels and sites provide previews, reviews, and game play videos that can help you find sleeper hits, hidden gems, and cult-classic games. While the majority of these links are centered around iOS coverage, many of the titles are also available for or are coming to Android, and in some cases PC and Steam.

iOS Board Games (Contributor to (Featuring reviews of real and digital games, link to digital section)

James Bruce / Tovarichpizor / Keith D (

Drive Thru Review (Featuring reviews of real and digital games, link to iOS section)

Suzanne S (Contributor to The Dice Tower)

Pocket Tactics (Covering mostly iOS, and not always board games) (YouTube Channel)

Touch Arcade (Covering mostly iOS, and not always board games)

The dish (A good list of iOS games, game titles in the article link to reviews)

Realm Chat YouTube (Featuring original and shared reviews and gameplay videos)

Board Games on Steam (A list of games published in the Board Game Catagory w/ user reviews)

The DigitalTableTop Subreddit (A good source of digital card and board game info and reviews)

Game profiles, reviews and links to resources are also available in the Digital Card Games and Digital Board Games sections of this site.

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