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Scrolls - HD Gameplay Video Empty Scrolls - HD Gameplay Video

Post by Smakx on Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:19 am

I played a lot in early beta and have been getting back into playing some more. I grabbed up some of the new cards (scrolls) and slapped together a growth aggro deck. The deck is basically a creature spam and is the easiest type to play and learn the game with imo.

The video is of a short "skirmish" match versus the hard difficulty ai, which ends up using a mono decay deck. There is a free demo with which to try out the game. The full version is only $5, paying more does not afford any serious tactical advantage, and in a rare twist we have a tcg that is not pay to win. The game also allows trading. Scrolls is available for PC, Mac, Android and Ios:


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