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Some Tips for Chat Empty Some Tips for Chat

Post by Smakx on Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:26 pm

Realm Chat utilizes discord for its Chat Room. The chat room can be reached by clicking the green button in the lower right-hand corner or from the link in the "Forum Links" section in the side bar.

After clicking the link to chat, you will be redirected to the Realm Chat discord server in your web browser, or prompted to open it in the discord app if you have it installed (recommended). The discord app is available for several operating systems as well as mobile devices. Using the app is "lighter" than using it through a web browser and adds some additional features.

The discord server utilized by this site for its chat functionality supports a host of multimedia functionality, as well as (optional) voice chat. With a few clicks users can setup private rooms with voip functionality which is ideal for multiplayer gaming or just shooting the breeze. Discord supports all of the features of popular multi-user chat apps like ventrillo, teamspeak, mumble, skype, etc. and more and is touted as a replacement for them. and is free of charge.

You can post images and videos by pasting the url (web address) of the image or video into chat. In the case of images, it is easiest to use a service like imgur, which requires no signup and allows you to upload and host images for free. Once the image is uploaded, right click on it, select "copy image location" and paste into chat.

Enjoy the chat and please remember to be respectful to others. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us via chat or the contact link.

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