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Post by Smakx on Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:14 am

Elder Sign: Omens ENBMlQG

Elder Sign: Omens is a digital conversion of the board game Elder Sign by Fantasy Flight Games. The game is available for Android and iOS for $3.99 with expansions available as in-app purchases, and for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam for $14.99 with all of the extra gods sold as iap on mobile versions included.

Elder Sign: Omens is a worker placement/dice board game themed in the dark Cthulhu mythos that were created by H. P. Lovecraft through various short stories and novels. The player picks a team of four investigators from a pool of several (some are initially locked). These investigators each feature different abilities and starting items. Additional items can be purchased with coins earned from challenges to power up or heal characters. Players must leverage the individual strengths of the investigators against threats that emerge randomly on the board, in a race against an Old One which is chosen at the beginning of the game, and also determines the game's difficulty. Your goal is to collect enough elder signs by completing challenges before the adversary is able to advance its doom track to its victory condition, thus manifesting on earth and destroying it. The challenges take place by rolling specially designed dice (referred to as glyphs in the digital version). The random factor of the dice can be mitigated by items and character abilities which allow the player to lock or re-roll dice results.

Below, you will find links to some let's play videos that explain and demonstrate the game in greater detail:

First, a let's play (WTF is?...) by one of my favorites, TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit:

A YouTube poster named Trevimus Prime has posted a good series of let's play videos that cover all of the Old Ones in the game. Here is a link to the first one, with the others available in the side bar of this video:


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