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Post by Smakx on Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:08 pm

Humble Weekly Bundle: Tabletops X0w4BF8

In celebration of International Tabletop Day coming up this Saturday, April 11; The Humble Bundle has released the Humble Weekly Bundle: Tabletops bundle running through April 16th.

The bundle includes a bunch of awesome games at a very low price, and as always part of the sales go to help charities. At the "pay what you want" level you get: Small World 2 (complete!), Magnifico, and Talisman DE (plus the Frostmarch expansion).

Pay $7 or more and you also get Catan: Creators Edition, Ticket to Ride (complete!), and 100% Orange Juice plus the Syura & Nanako character pack. 100% Orange Juice is the sleeper hit/hidden gem in this selection imo and well worth checking out.

At the $35 level you receive Humble Bundle/board game themed physical goods described on the site in addition to all of the digital content.

Many of these titles have been or will be profiled on this site with previews, reviews, game play summaries and links to resources and additional information. Stay tuned Smile

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