Cheese Chasers Board Game for Android

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Cheese Chasers Board Game for Android Empty Cheese Chasers Board Game for Android

Post by Smakx on Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:13 pm

Cheese Chasers Board Game for Android T8NfmCi

Boardnaut Studios, creator of the excellent Maquis Board Game for Android has ported another print and play board game to digital via Android app entitled Cheese Chasers Board Game. Cheese Chasers is a solitaire puzzle/board game and is free to download from the GooglePlay store.

The game is a light and fast card placement puzzle game that is perfect for on the go gaming. The goal is to make your way through the whole deck scoring as many points as possible by surrounding cheese with mice. The game ends (most often) when you run out of valid moves. You can always see what your next card is, and what remains in the deck. You can compare your scores locally or against other players via online leaderboards. Cheese Chasers Board Game plays out in quick sessions, features bright and colorful artwork, decent music and sound effects, is easy to learn and play for all ages and is all together a nice app, especially for the price of free.

Lay down sideways on your desk and enjoy this short game play video from the Boardnaut Studios YouTube channel:


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