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Reiner Knizia's Dice Monsters Empty Reiner Knizia's Dice Monsters

Post by Smakx on Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:17 pm

Title: Reiner Knizia's Dice Monsters

Developer: Timecode

Type: Digital Board Game

Platform(s): iOS

# of Players: 1

Price: Free w/ IAPs

Reiner Knizia's Dice Monsters is a simple dice game designed by the famed board game designer and brought to the digital platform by developer Timecode.

The game involves fighting monsters by rolling virtual dice. Each opponent monster has listed below it a win condition that the player must meet by rolling the dice. Many of these are poke hands in a style similar to Yahtzee, or simply point totals you must beat. Power ups and different types of dice modifiers also come into play. The whole thing is wrapped in vibrant colorful cutesy graphics intended to pull in the casual quick play gaming crowd.

The game is free to play and contains in-app purchases as follows:

Remove Ads $1.99
Refill All Lives $0.99
Booster Stun $0.99
Booster Wipe $0.99

You can see by this list that this game is following the same model of many other "freemium" games like Candy Crush or Peggle Blast. The game starts off easy and gives the player a few levels for free, giving them a sense of progression. At some point the player runs out of free plays, or the difficulty ramps in hopes of selling in app purchases of more lives or power-ups. The game is free to try and by a famed designer, but be aware of the monetization model going in.

Reiner Knizia's Dice Monsters iTunes Page:

A short video demonstrating game play on iOS posted by Igor Bakman:


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